Leadership Barbour

A dynamic, personal development program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and supported by a number of area businesses to help Barbour County reach its full potential.


Leadership Barbour Class XI

Eric Russaw, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Lindsey Farrar, Alabama Power Company; Sherriil McCraney; Crowne Health Care of Eufaula; Elisabeth Davis, Eufaula City Schools; Lorena Ponce; Scott Flowers, Eufaula Parks and Recreation; Betty Roberts; Keisha Russaw, Alabama Power Company; Laurie Lewis, Jaxon Life Center; Michele Eller, Eufaula City Schools; Lecie Tiillman, First Exchange Bank; Chris O'Hearn, Keystone Foods; Ryan McCollough, Eufaula Barbour County Chamber of Commerce. Not pictured: Paula McKee, Trustmark National Bank; Britt Martin, First United Methodist Church; Quint Robinson, American Buildings Company; Tim Wynn, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


What is Leadership Barbour?

Leadership Barbour brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who have a demonstrated talent and commitment for leadership. Through this program, these individuals have an opportunity to become more aware of the dynamics of the social and economic changes which impact our community.

Through face to face discussion with present leaders and experts from organizations and institutions that help to form the structure of our community, these specially selected individuals develop an in-depth understanding of the community climate.

Through planned interactive experiences, the participants broaden communication and problem solving skills. These learning experiences form the basis for a distinctive group identity unlike any other development program.

What are the Goals of Leadership Barbour?

Leadership Barbour is designed to identify, prepare and build upon leadership resources within our community. The objectives of the program are:

  • Give participants a broader understanding of the problems, opportunities and resources in the Barbour County area. This is accomplished through contact with local, state and national leaders who offer information and thoughtful analysis of the study topics.
  • Stimulate the interest and awareness of program participants and encourage a team approach to solving community problems. This approach gives participants the knowledge that responsible and responsive leadership is created through the efforts of citizens who often have differences of opinion and diverse views.
  • Improve participants' understanding of their individual roles as well as the diversity of leadership styles and skills required in solving complex community problems.
  • Develop and expand the participants' capacity to communicate and interact with one another, community leaders and fellow citizens; and to form a network of cooperative community involvement.
  • Challenge participants to greater civic involvement in the community thus motivating participants to achieve their leadership potential.
  • Bring together participants and current leaders to discuss the present and future direction of Barbour County thus creating a network among participants and existing community leaders.
  • Prepare participants to be effective professionals by acquiring knowledge, experience and sharpening decision-making skills.
  • Open communication and improve teamwork among various organizations in Barbour County.

The achievement of these goals is clearly only a first step forward enabling each individual to contribute to the total community in the leadership role of his or her choice. Leadership Barbour has been established on the basic assumption that while leaders can and do emerge without formal training, they will emerge more quickly and with a higher commitment to the public good if their development is undertaken as a serious and conscious objective.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Leadership Barbour seeks participants from all sectors of the community: agriculture, education, business, law, medicine, neighborhoods, social service, the arts, government, religion, and so on. Participation is open to all races, nationalities, ages and genders.

Leadership Barbour does not "train people to be leaders." It is designed for those who have already shown themselves to be leaders in one segment of the community or another. It does not take public policy positions or serve as an advocacy group for any cause. Because of its neutrality as an organization, the true impact of Leadership Barbour is felt through the actions of its individual members, who agree that their shared experiences have had a significant influence on their leadership roles in the community.

What is the Program?

The Leadership Barbour program consists of various one day sessions over a nine month period beginning with an orientation/team building session. Each subsequent session provides an analysis of major areas of identified community concerns as well as train the participants in specific leadership skills. There are opportunities for decision making and problem solving through group processes. Class members meet with leaders from throughout the community to discuss the issues.

Leadership Barbour is a program designed to develop the leadership potential in our community and is modeled after similar leadership development programs in the state/nation. It is self sustained through tuition, scholarships and corporate support and is governed by a steering committee drawn from throughout the county.

Leadership Barbour Class XII Application (2017-18)


Youth Leadership Barbour


2016-17 Youth Leadership Barbour participants (by school):

Eufaula High School Barbour County High School Lakeside School
Annie Clayton Megan Russaw Bailey Bennett
Tony Johnson Aaliyah Moses Susanne Hudspeth
Semaj Johnson Marques Fitzpatrick John Adams Gray
Kynbria Guice Reshundrea Rumph Kasey Wortz
Madison Mitchell   Jonathan Norfus
Jeneciah Starling    

 The Eufaula Barbour County Chamber of Commerce's Youth Leadership Barbour program is designed for local students in their junior year of high school who are interested in gaining leadership and community organizing skills.

This program brings youth together to learn about different aspects of their community, develop leadership skills and become inspired to use skills, talents and diversity to develop their own community service project.